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UNSW’s free Disability Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) open to enrolments

UNSW is pleased to announce their two MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on Disability are now open for enrolment!

Associate Professor Leanne Dowse and Dr Louisa Smith from the Intellectual Disability and Behaviour Support Program, together with Professor Kelley Johnson from SPRC and Dr Karen Soldatic from the Centre for Social Impact have been working hard over the last year to develop these flagship courses. The MOOCs are free and open to anyone.

“20% of the global population has a disability, which means most of us will have an experience of disability in our lives, whether it be personally, through our family and friends, or in our workplaces and communities. But what is disability? It’s often assumed that people with disabilities can’t have a good life. But what is a good life?”

Disability and a Good Life: Thinking through Disability (commences 16th May)

We know that the way we think about and understand things shapes the way we act. In this course we’ll explore the ways disability is understood and challenge you to think about what it means to have a good life.

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Disability and a Good Life: Working with Disability (commences 1st August)

Today we recognise disability as a part of human diversity. But what does it mean to work with disability in a way that enables a good life for ourselves and others? In this course, we will explore a human rights approach to disability and examine how disability politics and policy, advocacy and activism can inform what we mean by a good life.

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