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Who Are We?

The Physical Disability Council of NSW (PDCN) is the peak representative organisation of, and for, people with physical disability across New South Wales. PDCN has a significant majority of people with physical disability in its membership, its governance (ie Board), and employees.  PDCN is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation.

This page is designed to give your information on What We Do, Our Purpose, Our Constitutional Objectives, How We Can Help You and Information of Membership for individuals and organisations..

What does PDCN do?

We assist people with a physical disability to live ordinary lives as contributing members of the community by providing opportunities for individuals to gain the information, knowledge and skills necessary to manage their own lives.

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Our Vision

As people with physical disability we live in a society where our human rights are protected, our equality of opportunity is assured and our full participation is a reality.

Our Purpose

To build empowered, inclusive communities through:

  • Information and education
  • Engagement and participation
  • Developing individual capacity and resilience

Our Values

As we implement our vision, we will be guided by our values:

  • Integrity – We are trustworthy, open and honest in all our undertakings
  • Inclusion – We include people with physical disabilities in all we do
  • Independence – We value our independence to remain true to our values
  • Innovation – We are committed to finding new ways to better support people with physical disabilities and the work we do
  • Collaboration – We work in partnership with our members, stakeholders and the broader community to achieve our purpose

Constitutional Objectives

  • To educate, inform and assist people with physical disabilities in New South Wales regarding the range of services, structures and programs available that enable their full participation, equality of opportunity and equality of citizenship;
  • To develop the capacity of people with physical disabilities in New South Wales to advocate for themselves (ie identify their own goals and the confidence to indentify a pathway to achieve their goals)
  • To educate and inform all stakeholders about the needs of people with physical disabilities so they are able to achieve and maintain full participation, equality of opportunity and equality of citizenship.

What can PDCN help me with?

PDCN provides direct assistance to people with physical disabilities whom request it. Membership of PDCN is not a prerequisite for assistance.

PDCN assists people with a physical disability in the following ways:

  • providing workshops – where people can gain the skills and confidence to identify their own goals and to develop a ‘pathway’ to achieve their goals. Building confidence and capacity enables individuals to reduce their vulnerability in their communities.
  • providing a vehicle for their experiences to be heard, understood and considered by the community – including policy makers and stakeholders. We achieve this through community consultations, PDCN discussion groups, surveys and telephone conversations.
  • providing information to people with a physical disability who are asking –
    • What?
    • How?
    • Where?
    • Is it possible? and
    • Where do I go?

Information and advice provided to people with a physical disability is based on an empowerment model, and is delivered via:

  • PDCN’s Information service (accessible via, telephone, email or fax) contact us
  • Publications are available on our website and can be mailed out upon request
  • Media information,
  • educating and informing stakeholders by
    • preparing submissions that relate to the opportunities for people with a physical disability to live their own lives
    • positive stories in the media;
    • providing information about research undertaken eg: ‘The Impact of Ageing on the needs of people with a physical disability’ report;
    • informing the discussion regarding policy development.

Please contact us if you require more information

What does PDCN offer organisations?

Organisations are welcome to apply for membership.  As a member of PDCN an organisation will benefit from voting rights, PDCN quarterly newsletter, regular e-blasts providing latest news and updates, organisation consultations and the ability to have PDCN broadcast relevant/appropriate information throughout NSW  via our communications channels (website, facebook, twitter) to our members and wider audience.

Want to become a member?

Information about becoming a member can be found on our Become a Member page.  Click here to go to the ‘Become a Member page’