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What We Do

What does PDCN do?

We are a systemic advocacy organisation

What is systemic advocacy?

Systemic advocacy seeks to influence or secure positive long-term changes that remove barriers and address discriminatory practices to ensure the collective rights and interests of people with disability are upheld.

What is individual advocacy?

Individual advocacy seeks to uphold the rights and interests of people with all types of disabilities on a one-to-one basis by addressing instances of discrimination, abuse and neglect. It  involves working towards influencing individual outcomes by working for and with the individual to ensure their rights are respected.

I am having difficulty with a specific issue and was wondering if PDCN could help me?

PDCN will try to help you by providing you with all the relevant information you require.  In some cases a person may require support from an individual advocate, if this is the case we can provide you with contact details for individual advocacy agencies who will be able to assist you.

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The Physical Disability Council of NSW has once again in 2018 met the requirements of the New South Wales Disability Service Standards