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Assistive Devices and Equipment

Access to Home Modifications Lake Macquarie/Newcastle Inc

To access the Home Modification and Maintenance Scheme, a Home & Community Care (HACC) Service, a comprehensive assessment will need to be undertaken by the Community Care Access Point.

Telephone: 1300 731 556 or 1300 550 073 (TTY for people who are deaf)

Fax: (02) 9407 7778


If you are  receiving a Home & Community Care (HACC) service within the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Region, you  can be directly referred to Home Modifications Lake Macquarie/Newcastle Inc by your current provider.

Advisory Note on Mobility Scooters in Registered Clubs

Guidance on the use of mobility scooters in and around Club premises. Supporting the partnership between the Human Rights Commission and the RSL & Services Clubs Association are Clubs NSW, Leagues Clubs Australia, Bowls NSW and RSL Victoria.

The purpose of this Note is to provide:

  • information about applicable federal disability discrimination law which is of relevance to mobility scooter use in Clubs (note that each State and Territory also has legislation in relation to disability discrimination)
  • information on the rights, responsibilities and reasonable expectations of both Clubs and scooter users
  • a range of useful ideas, resources and references that may assist Clubs to make venues more scooter friendly.

To view the Advisory Note please click here


EnableNSW provides assistive devices and equipment and services to people in NSW with chronic health conditions or disability to assist them with mobility, communication and self-care.

EnableNSW also provides financial assistance for people who have to travel significant distances to access specialist medical treatment which is not available locally.

As part of HealthShare NSW, EnableNSW is responsible for the administration of NSW Health disability support and other assistance programs including:

For more information you can visit their website at

TAD Disability Services NSW

TAD Disability Services is the only charity in NSW which designs and builds custom assistive devices and equipment to enable people with disabilities to lead more independent lives.

People with disabilities and their families often face overwhelming financial hurdles. TAD believe that every individual has the right to equal opportunity and affordable equipment.

TAD’s custom built items are often produced at a fraction of the cost of any alternative solution.

For more information you can visit their website at