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Post-Traumatic Growth Workshops

Have you ever heard of the idea of post-traumatic growth? Would you like to discover more about it?

In this workshop we discuss what trauma is and realise that trauma is more common than we think. We then introduce the concept of growing from negative and significant experiences in our lives. Where did this idea of post-traumatic growth come from and why does it happen?

We learn about the common areas people experience growth and what this growth might look like. We discuss the similarities and differences between post-traumatic growth and resilience, and we identify where we have experienced growth and consider how we can cultivate and enjoy more.

This workshop is facilitated by Adrian O’Malley who had a stroke at 34 years old. Adrian was introduced to the idea of post-traumatic growth almost nine years ago. At the time, Adrian related that he felt like he had been given a gift because knowing about, and reflecting on, post-traumatic growth made him feel happier and more in control of his life.

Registration is essential.

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Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.
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