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Sydney Harbour Bridge Access Rally 4 August 2017
Who We Are

Who We Are

We assist people with a physical disability to live ordinary lives as contributing members of the community by providing opportunities for individuals to gain the information, knowledge and skills necessary to manage their own lives.

What We Do

What We Do

PDCN is a systemic disability advocacy organisation seeking to influence or secure positive long-term changes that remove barriers and address discriminatory practices to ensure the collective rights and interests of people with disability are upheld.

Learn About Disability

Learn About Disability

As the peak representative organisation of, and for, people with physical disability, PDCN educates, informs and assists people with disability through submissions, research and reports. All our research and findings are available to the general public.

Latest News

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At recent meetings between new Minister for Disability Services Gareth Ward and PDCN the Minister made it clear that as a person with disability himself…

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Members of the PDCN Board and our Executive Officer Serena Ovens were glad to have the opportunity to meet with the new Minister for Families,…

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Are you an NDIS participant, or do you care for someone with an NDIS plan? Have you experienced difficulty accessing services? We’d like to hear…

April 2019 Newsletter

New Minister for Disability Services As we're sure everyone is now aware, the results of the NSW State election are now finalised and we have…