Board of Management

The PDCN Board of Management has a role regarding the good governance of the Physical Disability Council of NSW and implementing its Strategic direction. The  PDCN Board meet regularly through each year to monitor PDCN’s progress against the plan and other statutory and financial requirements.

In addition the Board of Management receive training on Governance yearly and revisit and review Governance documents and guidelines relating to the manner in which the Board of Management conducts its business, to ensure the currency of Board practices.

  • Peter A. Simpson
    Peter A. Simpson President

Peter A. Simpson (President)

Peter was elected President of the Physical Disability Council of NSW in 2014 and has served on the Board of Management since 2008.

Peter has qualifications in Recreation & Leisure and Event Management however his  main passion is Access to the Built Environment, having worked as an Access Consultant.

Peter has also been a member of Wheelchair Sports NSW for over 25 years, competing in various sports including wheelchair rugby, and served on its Board of Directors.

He has advocated on various issues on behalf of people with disabilities, from built environment issues and transport, to participation in sport/recreation.

Peter has served on various committees including:

  • Justice Disability Advisory Council – NSW Department of Justice
  • Disability Advisory Council – NSW Police
  • Universal Access Committee – Bankstown City Council. 
  • Matthew Kayrooz
    Matthew Kayrooz Vice President

Matthew Kayrooz  (Vice President)

Matthew has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years, with senior management experience across product and claims management, customer service and dispute resolution.

Matthew has worked for several insurance companies, including NRMA, AAMI and his current employer, Suncorp.

Over the last 10 years, he has worked in Compulsory Third Party Insurance, the personal injury scheme, looking after people injured in motor vehicle accidents. This work has involved developing a CTP product with affordable premiums for motorists that offers fair and adequate compensation to injured people, especially those with serious injuries.

Matthew has developed experience and an interest in finding ways to assist injured people in their recovery and attempting to get them back to their lives.

Matthew’s role in CTP also includes involvement at government and industry levels around developing improvements and amendments to the existing CTP scheme.

Matthew is married with 3 children and has keen interests in sport and music.

Matthew also currently sits on the on the Board of Technical Aid for the Disabled.

Matthew joined the PDCN Board in October 2015

  • Chris Sparks
    Chris Sparks Treasurer

Chris Sparks (Treasurer)

Chris Sparks is the newest member of the PDCN Board, having been elected to office in Oct 2016.

Chris is a wheelchair user whom brings a wealth of corporate experience to the PDCN Board, and with a base in rural NSW offers a unique perspective into the needs of our regional and rural members.

He has recently retired from his position as the Chief Executive Officer of the Assistive Technology Suppliers of Australasia, and previous to that held numerous Managing Director and Business Systems consult positions of various commercial entities where he has applied sound strategic and commercial business practice to deliver solid sustainable business performance.

Chris has a diverse background in sport also, representing both Australia and NSW in Wheelchair Basketball, and was awarded the 2000 Australian Sports medal for contribution to sport.

In addition, he has also worked in sports journalism, commentating at the Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games and for FOX and ABC sports, 2UE and ABC radio.

Chris is a former Board Member of the Disability Council of NSW, Northcott Disability Services and Chairman of WSNSW

  • David Jeffries
    David Jeffries Secretary

David Jeffries (Secretary)

David is currently the Marketing Director of Invacare Australia and New Zealand.

Since joining Invacare Australia and New Zealand in 2012, he has been very busy in the Marketing team reviewing Invacare’s Strategy, continuing to develop their research of the industry.

In 2014, he assisted Invacare to launch a Digital Strategy with the integration of Social Media and a digital marketing system.

In addition, David has recently been working with international marketing groups in Europe and America to establish Invacare’s Global Marketing Council.

His true passion is sport and through the above mentioned events and sponsorships, he now plays an active part of sports development in Australia and New Zealand, which truly lives up to Invacare’s brand promise “Making Life’s Experience’s Possible”.

David currently coaches wheelchair basketball and was a previous Board member of Queensland Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

David joined the PDCN Board in October 2015

  • Caroline Daley
    Caroline Daley Board Member

Caroline Daley (Board Member)

Caroline is the mother of two school-aged children.

Her eldest daughter, who has cerebral palsy requiring the use of a power-chair and communication device, attends their local high school with the assistance of a full-time teacher’s aide.  When she finishes school her current goals are to become a published author and to compete for Australia in the Paralympic sport of boccia.  A participant of the NDIS since September 2013, Caroline self-manages her daughters’ plan using a combination of agency, contractor and directly employed staff.

Caroline has a Bachelor of Business, has owner-built a wheelchair accessible home in a rural NSW town and is also on the Board of Boccia Australia.

  • Kevin Finlayson
    Kevin Finlayson Board Member

Kevin Finlayson (Board Member)

Kevin Finlayson has served on the PDCN Board for the past 7 years.

He currently also serves on the Board of the Nepean Independent Living Centre.

Kevin has previously been involved in a number of other organisations including: Penrith City Council Access committee, Sports Council of NSW and Penrith Disability Action Forum (PDAF), taking on such issues as wheelchair access for Penrith Plaza, lifts for Penrith Railway Station, Hoyts Cinema access, MLAC keys for accessible toilets and  laybacks in pedestrian footpaths in the Penrith LGA.

Kevin has completed courses relating to disability advocacy and access auditing, and has presented disability awareness training within NSW schools.

  • Arthur Theodore
    Arthur Theodore Board Member

Arthur Theodore (Board Member)

Arthur acquired a physical disability at the age of 22, as the result of a motor vehicle accident.  Since then he has completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Business law) from Curtin University, and most recently completed a Diploma in Financial Planning.

Arthur’s interests include economics, sport, and spending time with his family.

Arthur joined the Board in October 2014.

  • Phil Burfurd
    Phil Burfurd Board Member

Phil Burfurd (Board Member)

Phil is the Chairman and CEO of Icon International Communications, and has more than 45 years experience as a communicator – from journalism, to corporate affairs and public relations with such companies as AC Neilsen, and Cathy Pacific.

Phil’s own company provides business consulting to many firms throughout the Asia Pacific region, and he has previous Board experience, having been the National Treasurer of the Board of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) and on the NFP board for Phoenix House.
PDCN look forward to working with Phil as we endeavour to remain a viable organisation in a challenging marketplace!

Serena Ovens (Public Officer)

PDCN Executive Officer Serena Ovens is currently serving as Public Officer.