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PDCN’s Facebook Peer Support Group

PDCN is in the process of establishing a new Peer Support Group, utilising Facebook as its meeting place.  This Facebook Peer Support Group Page is a private group for people with disabilities (and their carers) who have participated in the NDIS planning process.  As you know, the NDIS journey is not complete once a plan has been created.  This is just the beginning.  We want to provide NDIS customers with a supportive community forum of peers to share with and learn from each other as they continue their NDIS journey.

Through this Facebook Peer Support Group, we aim to provide people with a supportive and safe community to further support the NDIS outcome of Voice, Choice and Control for people with disabilities that they set out to achieve.  Through this forum, members will have an opportunity to:

  • celebrate successes and good news stories about life in general and the NDIS,
  • share challenges and frustrations and learn from the experiences of others,
  • share valuable information and resources, and
  • have access to a wider community also going through the NDIS planning process.

Are you someone with disability (or a carer) who:

  1. is about to start the NDIS planning process,
  2. in the midst of planning, or
  3. have completed your NDIS plan? 

If yes, please let us know if you are interested in joining our new Facebook Peer Support Group.  Please register your interest via the Peer Support Group Link to our website. 

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