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PDCN gets accessible lifts on Sydney Harbour Bridge

PDCN President Peter Simpson and Executive Officer Serena Ovens attended an announcement on July 24 alongside NSW Ministers John Ajaka and Duncan Gay.

President Peter Simpsons said “The Physical Disability Council of NSW is extremely pleased to be here today in support of the Minister’s announcement that the Sydney Harbour bridge will be made universally accessible to all people within the next year.”

“It is a fabulous thing that such an iconic Australian landmark, and internationally recognised tourist destination will finally be accessed by all who visit it. PDCN has strived over a number of years to make this a reality for not only their members but for the 20% of all Australians, and international visitors that have a disability.”

PDCN appreciate the positive working relationship that we have built with the NSW Government, the RMS, and other stakeholders, for this to occur and look forward to having the lifts in operation.

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