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A Message From Our New CEO Ed Morris

A headshot photo of CEO Edward Morris
Edward Morris, Chief Executive Officer

A big welcome to my first PDCN blog post! It is a great honour to address and serve this wonderful community as PDCN’s CEO.

We have come a long way in improving the framework of support for those living with disability across NSW and our nation. Living with multiple sclerosis today, I am benefiting from this progress and am tremendously grateful to all those who have contributed towards it.

One such individual is our outgoing CEO, Serena Ovens. I am sure you all join me in thanking Serena for her outstanding contribution towards improving the lives of people with a physical disability. We look forward to collaborating with Serena in her new role as CEO of Assistive Technology Suppliers Australia.

Turning to the future, a long path remains to realise equity and full inclusion for people living with disability. This year brings milestones that add to an already packed agenda of reform priorities, presenting both opportunities and challenges for us; new government with energy for progress; the conclusion of the Disability Royal Commission; the announcement of the NDIS funding growth cap; and technological advances that cast hope for improved support.

Society must genuinely engage with the disability community in formulating a response to these issues to improve equity and inclusion. At PDCN, we champion the value of lived experience and will be bringing forward our annual member survey and making regular calls to ensure that the team is well-informed in advocating for your interests.

We look forward to connecting with you, and to working with the government, business and non-profit sectors to improve equity and inclusion across NSW and the nation.

Best wishes,

Ed Morris
Chief Executive Officer

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