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Parramatta Council want your feedback on Homesharing

Do you have a spare room?

Have you ever thought about finding someone to share your house?

Someone who could help you pay bills, or give you a hand with jobs around the house, or both?

Homeshare may be what you are looking for! Homeshare could help you find the right housemate.

Homeshare is a simple idea: someone with a spare room invites someone in need of affordable housing to live with them, in return for an agreed number of hours of help, and a financial contribution below market rent.

The householder with a spare room is usually a mature or older person, or a younger person with disability. The homeseeker is often a younger person, but can also be a mature or older person.

City of Parramatta Council has asked us to find out if there are enough people with a spare room who might be interested in homeshare to make it possible to start a homeshare program.

Interested in the idea and want to have a say, please take part in the survey and maybe win an iPad?
Find the survey here:

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