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NSW Government Commits to Funding Disability Advocacy Until 2020

WE DID IT! Today, the NSW Premier announced that our disability representative organisations and independent advocacy and information services will be able to continue for the next two years.

People with disability across NSW are celebrating because we will continue to have somewhere to turn if we’re not getting a fair go, thanks to the State Government confirming that it will provide $26 million in funding.

“PDCN welcomes the NSW government announcement for continued funding” says PDCN CEO, Ms Serena Ovens. “this is a huge win for people with a disability in NSW. It’s great that the Premier has listened to the concerns of people with disability and committed to ongoing funding.”

People with disability have been rightly very worried about the potential loss of our voice in the NSW community. We’ve had rallies, we’ve been visiting MPs, people have been writing postcards to the Premier – the response from the people with disability and the community broadly has been overwhelming.

This funding commitment means that we can get back to doing what we do best – ensuring people with disability have the support to speak up for ourselves and each other.

Congratulations to everyone for all your incredible hard work over the last year!

[Image description: Photo of two happy people with text over the tops saying ‘we won! Funding for NSW disability advocacy is secured for two years. Find out more at The Stand By Me logo is in the corner.]

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