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Strategic Plan

During each year PDCN continues to execute its Strategic Plan, and from this develops its Operational Plan. The Strategic plan provides a valuable tool for both focusing the work of the organisation and evaluating the organisation’s performance.

In 2018, in line with significant expected changes to the sector and funding, PDCN updated its Strategic Plan, in consultation with Board and staff, external stakeholders and its membership. The latest Strategic Plan runs for the period 2018 – 2020.

The PDCN Board of Management has a role regarding the good governance of the Physical Disability Council of NSW and implementing its Strategic direction. The PDCN Board meet regularly through each year to monitor PDCN’s progress against the plan and other statutory and financial requirements.

In addition the Board of Management receive training on Governance yearly and revisit and review Governance documents and guidelines relating to the manner in which the Board of Management conducts its business, to ensure the currency of Board practices.

In 2008-2009 PDCN was reclassified as a Public Benevolent Institution and has gained tax concession of Gift Recipient Status.