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Young Leaders 2016: Applications Still Open

Do you want to to take more control of your own life? Do you want to become a leader in your community Then apply to take part in the My Leadership Matters Program!

What is Become A Leader?

  • A way to gain skills for leading your own life and/or become a leader in your community
  • A way to learn from each other

Become a Leader programs are open to people with a disability AND family members of people with a disability.

There are two main parts to Become A Leader.

The first is an in-person leadership training program.

The second is one-off workshops and resources.

What you will learn in My Leadership Matters Program

There are two stages of the My Leadership Matters program. You can choose to do one or both.

Foundations of Leadership where you can:

  • Grow leadership in your own life. This includes:
    • Building a good life, making choice and exercising control
    • Understanding yourself and how you are/can be a leader
    • Speaking up for yourself

Social Change in Community where you can:

  • Grow your leadership in your life and your communities. This includes:
    • Understanding social change
    • Working with others
    • Making your message stick
    • Looking after yourself

How do I apply?

There is only one Become a Leader program left to apply for. This is a Youth program for people aged 16 – 25 and will take place in Sydney starting in March 2016. Applications close Monday, January 18.

Click here to view the application form and flyer for more information.

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