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Two new apps launched for commuters with limited mobility

Today, on International Day of People with Disability, two new apps were launched to assist people with limited mobility. Both of these apps have been funded by Transport for NSW to develop these accessibility apps.

Metarove (Android)

Metarove is a public transport trip planning app for customers with limited mobility, or who use a mobility aid such as a wheelchair, scooter or crutches or who travel with a pram or luggage.

The app is a great all round trip planner that provides wheelchair accessible trips.  You can download Metarove for free from the Google Play store. (iPhone) enables customers with limited mobility to access the public transport system. Customers can plan their trip in real time and be provided with comfortable walking distances that avoid significant uphill or downhill slopes and stairs.

The app is pending approval from Apple, and will be made available within 10 days.  To be advised when available complete the registration form at


Feedback can be submitted online at or by calling 131 500.

Frequently Asked Questions

The follow FAQ’s and answers were provided by Transport for NSW

Q: Are these Transport for NSW’s app?

No, and Metarove were developed and owned by Sming and Metarove Pty Ltd respectively. Transport for NSW provides the data the app uses to locate bus, train, ferry and light rail services and stops. TfNSW has worked with the developers to ensure the apps are provided for free, and provided Sming and Metarove with seed funding.


Q: Which public transport services does the app have information for?

Both apps provide information for NSW public transport services. This includes bus, train, ferry and light rail services in the TfNSW network.


Q: Can I do a Trip Plan on these apps? offers trip planning with set defaults for accessible routes avoiding stairs and steep gradients and with walking sections limited to 250 metres.

Metarove offers trip planning with highly customisable features including personal walking speed, maximum distance and an option to find and display accessible journeys.


Q: Are these apps only for people with a mobility disability?

Both apps are available for everyone and is useful for anyone who has limited mobility or uses a mobility aid such as a wheelchair, scooter or crutches or is travelling with a pram or luggage and would prefer to plan an accessible trip avoiding steep gradients and steps.


Q: What are the difference between and Metarove? is available for iPhone users and Metarove is available for Android.

Both apps provide trip plan options for accessible trips. focuses around the built environment including avoiding steep hills and surfaces which may be difficult for people with limited mobility.  Metarove is a trip planner for the general public which provides customisable options including walking speed, distance and an accessible trip checkbox.

Both apps provide updated trip results based on real-time data.


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