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Registrations for NDIS Ready Wollongong still open

Learn about the NDIS

This 2 day workshop offers individuals and carers a better understanding of the NDIS, how to prepare to access the NDIS if you are eligible, and to start ‘pre planning.’

Day 1 (April 13) starts at 10am and runs until 4pm. Day 2 (April 14) starts at 9:30am and runs until 3pm.

Start thinking about what YOU want for your life

As part of this workshop we explore aspirational planning and look at setting goals. We offer the opportunity for you to sit with experienced planners to start your plan.

Discuss the NDIS with your peers

Join a monthly peer group where you can develop aspirational goals, consider other opportunities in life and gradually learn more about the NDIS together

For More Information

Call Ryan on 1800 688 831, email him at or use our contact form.


Book into a Workshop Today

We have opened up online registration for NDIS Ready Workshops across NSW.  If there are no workshops near you use our contact form.

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