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Consulting Children and Young People on Disability

Five young people sitting around a table participating in consultation workshop with PDCNFor the past few months, PDCN has been working with the Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) on ways to engage with young people with disability and find out what matters most to them. On 28 September we held a consultation with a group of young people with disability, facilitated by the Advocate. The consultation was a small group discussion that gave the young people involved the opportunity to discuss what is important to them, what is working in their lives, and what isn’t – and have that information passed on to the decision makers. 

The consultation revealed that young people with disability are concerned about a number of issues including the stigma about disability that still exists in the community, access to the NDIS, and access to mainstream services, for example schools, transport, playgrounds, public toilets and bathrooms, entertainment venues. The young people wanted decision makers to know that fair and equal access to the community is vitally important to young people with disability. This was valuable feedback for PDCN, as it indicates that we are on track with our priorities, and we will take their voice with us as we continue our work advocating for a fully inclusive and accessible community for all!

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