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Resilience Workshops

Resilience is about recognising and growing durable inner strength. It is more than just recovering from loss, trauma, or ongoing difficult situations or circumstances. It is about cultivating well-being, developing mental resources, and developing an underlying sense of happiness, love, and peace.

No matter who we are, there will be periods in our lives in which we have had to rely on and further develop our resilience.

In this online workshop we will seek to:

  • Identify and assist in converting your current skills of resilience into recognisable resources
  • Build on those resources by identifying stressor & negative biases
  • Recognise emotional responses and their impact
  • Identify ways to build skills and mindsets to further develop strengths and skills in resilience
  • Provide a list of resources.

The workshop is facilitated by Wendy Banfield, an adult educator with a keen interest in how our mind works. The workshop will be free of complex psychological terminology and will provide a safe space to explore what resilience means without having to expose personal uncomfortable stories. Individual peer mentoring is also available at the conclusion of this workshop.

Workshop registrations are reserved for people with disability or family members of people with disability. Service providers or people studying to work with people with disability are encouraged to contact PDCN’s Education Manager Wendy Banfield to discuss alternate options.

There are no Resilience workshops currently scheduled, however if you are interested in attending a workshop please register your interest using the Registration Form below and we will be in touch very soon.

Registration is essential.

Registration Form

two participants in workshop one-on-one