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Our commitment to you

We rely on and value your feedback. If you’re unhappy about an experience you’ve had with us, we want to hear about it.

We’re committed to providing you the highest level of service. To do this, we need to learn and improve – which is why we need your feedback.

When you provide feedback, it helps us to think and plan how we can make things better – for you and for all the people that we serve.

We are committed to

Finding a resolution

  • We will ensure that our systems to manage complaints are easily understood and accessible to everyone, particularly people who may require assistance.
  • Our staff are empowered to resolve complaints promptly and with as little formality as possible. We will adopt flexible approaches to service delivery and problem solving to enhance accessibility for people making complaints and/or their representatives.
  • We will protect the identity of people making complaints at all times where practical and appropriate.

Objectivity and fairness

  • We will address each complaint with integrity and in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner.
  • We will ensure that the person handling a complaint is different from any staff member whose conduct or service is being complained about.
  • We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that people making complaints are not adversely affected because a complaint has been made by them or on their behalf.


  • Where possible, complaints will be resolved at first contact with PDCN. If this is not possible we will provide you the following as soon as we can:
    • the complaints process
    • the expected time frames for our actions
    • the progress of the complaint and reasons for any delay
    • your likely involvement in the process, and
    • the possible or likely outcome of your complaint.

Accountability and learning

  • Following consideration of the complaint and any investigation into the issues raised, we will contact the person making the complaint and advise them:
    • the outcome of the complaint and any action we took
    • the reason/s for our decision
    • the remedy or resolution/s that we have proposed or put in place, and
    • any options for review that may be available to the complainant, such as an internal review, external review or appeal.
  • We are committed to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our complaint management system. We will also review complaints to identify and implement system changes where issues have arisen.

What we ask of you

We are committed to being accessible and responsive to all people who approach us with feedback or complaints. At the same time our success depends on our interaction with you, and we ask that you help us by:

Be polite: If you leave offensive language on our social media accounts, it will be removed for the comfort of others.

Be honest: It helps your case if we have all the facts and documents; please don’t leave anything out or make any false statements.

Cooperate: Please provide the best information you can by organising the documents you send to help us efficiently understand your situation and start to form a plan for you.

Be clear: Please try to focus on the facts that are relevant to your complaint. Communicating clearly will help us correctly understand your situation as soon as possible.

Be realistic: Please think about the outcome that can be sensibly achieved in the circumstances. We’ll let you know what we can realistically do by when. We ask that you recognise that we’ll do our best within the law, with the resources available to us.


Make a complaint

To provide us with feedback or to make a complaint, please complete the form on the contact us page or call us on 1800 688 831.

If you would like to make a complaint about PDCN to an external organisation, please contact the NSW Ombudsman on 1800 451 524.